Project based. The key for our cooperation, with clear and SMART goals, with the right attention. Being in consulting for almost ten years we have acquired the skills to make things work. Ranging from policy desk research, drafting guidelines, organizing workshops, building calculation tools, evaluating policies and more. Our core competence lies in quantifying environmental performances. Our products are translations of that competence. A short introduction to the range of services we provide is included here.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Most of our work is based on the powerful tool of life cycle assessment, LCA in short. It refers to the life cycle. This helps you to find out in which life cycle phase the biggest savings or credits can be earned and prevents trade-offs. It refers to assessment. It combines all environmental impacts into a small set of environmental indicators. Environmental indicators include global warming, resource depletion and acidification. All is based on your environmental footprint: what is consumed and what is produced? Consumables are energy and resources. Products are the service or product your supply and emissions and waste.

We apply ISO standard series 14040's on life cycle assessment and ASTM E1991-05 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Building Materials/Products.
what can LCA do for you according to the UNEP

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

An objective statement of the environmental performance of your product. That is what an EPD is. Based on the environmental life cycle assessment methodology (LCA) we define your environmental profile. The EPD can be used for communication about your commitment to the environment with several stakeholders, such as clients, architects and governments.
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Green business development

Define your key environmental selling points. Set up a green line of products. Use environmental performance to guide innovations. Integrate business strategy, design and marketing into a powerful customer relations tool. We can set up the process, bring in the environmental benchmark and monitor your proceedings.

Training in life cycle thinking

We provide one-day training sessions exemplifying the power of life cycle thinking. With an introduction to LCA, day-to-day cases, hands on training the result of the day will be a set of questions and ambitions you want to start your next day with. We focus on interaction, group involvement. Every topic includes a short introduction, information and than 75% work. Get started! Ask us for possible dates or set up a tailor made in-house training session.


CO2-Balance Scan

If you want to know the CO2-footprint of your business, the CO2-Balance Scan is your first step forward. By answering a number of general questions you can receive a rough estimate of your footprint. After evaluating your answers you will receive a report comparing your footprint to U.S. economy indicators. And the good thing is, it's free.
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EU EPLCA definition of carbon footprint - 2 pager


Greenhouse gas (GHG) Baseline and monitoring

We inventory GHG-emissions for businesses, facilities and governments to assist them in the development of a baseline. We draft improvement plans based on direct and indirect emissions. We follow the Climate Registry protocol for Scope 1 and 2 emissions and can supplement that with input/output LCA and product LCA approaches to include embedded emissions.
Climate Registry Protocol


Sustainability Scan

If you want to know how sustainable your business is, how you can improve it and what goals need to be set then the Sustainability Scan is your first step. By answering 30 questions on your financial, social and environmental health you will receive a profile that enables you to prioritize your actions and define possible goals. We will evaluate your answers and come by to deliver and discuss your report.
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Our core competence lies in quantifying environmental performances. Our products are translations of that competence. A short introduction to the range of services we provide is included here. If you want to know more, click on the corresponding link in the menu on the left.





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