May 2013
UT / TSU Two-Lift Paving workshop
 May 23
The University of Texas and the Texas State University will be hosting a workshop on two-lift pavement. It will review the research project that is in progress and will feature presentations from TxDOT Prospective--Andy Naranjo, TxDOT; Agency viewpoints—Steve Gillen, Illinois Tollway; Contractors’ viewpoints—Koss Construction; Designers’ viewpoints—Luc Rens, EuPave; Pavement equipment suppliers—Kevin Klein, Gomaco and Environmental analysis—Joep Meijer, The Right Environment. We are proud to be part of the team.



May 2013
Rockfon Ceiling Tiles EDP certified

The ROCKWOOL Intenational A/S group produces several mineral wool based building products. Rockfon, which supplies cieling tiles to the European, Russian and US market, is gearing up their LCA and EPD program. Four categories of ceiling tiles, Hydroclean, Fibral, Krios and Royal, obtained EPD status in the Netherlands. Rockfon wants to grow this into a European EPD and develop a tool that will allow them to have EPDs for all their products.


February 2013
Talking to students at Southwestern University - How environmental performance is driving innovation in America: a focus on the built environment
Wednesday February 27, 2013
Can we make things work better and with a better environmental performance? How can we make the right choices with no hidden trade-offs? We believe in investing in sustainability where it really matters, using environmental performance metrics to empower people to make informed decisions towards a more sustainable life and economy. This presentation will look at how these metrics are driving innovation in the American built environment, pushing the limits of building materials and design techniques.


October 2011
Making external claims with LCA
We are proud to say the we offer a one-stop-shop for all you questions related to the use of Life Cycle Assessment and external communications. We serve the industry by providing the following services:

1. Development of your LCA that is ISO 14044 reviewed
2. Comparative LCA including a ISO Critical Review Panel (CRP) procedure
3. Chairing CRPs for your own LCA
4. Developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for your products

We are actively engaged in development of standards both in the United States and Europe. Please give us a call if you want to know more about who we work for, how we serve them and what we can do for you.


June 2011
USGBC releases Pilot Credit for certified products awarding LCA efforts by industry
The US Green Building Council awards credits to sustainable practices. In the Materials and Resources part, a new pilot credit was released in June. It awards being transparent about the environmental performance of building materials. Project teams that specify certified products can now get credit for it. Part of the credit relates to a "LCA pathway" where credits can be achieved using materials with an third party reviewed LCA, a branch associated group EPD or individual EPD (highest award). This will hopefully result in more products with transparent information that will ultimately benefit whole building assessments. The credit language can de found here

May 2011
RISD Industrial Design students working on Sustainable Design
Our president Joep Meijer provided a guest lecture to students in the Industrial Design program at the Rhode Island School of Design. As a six week assignment for the students in their sophomore year, all are required to discover and solve a real problem in a clear and bold way using design, and leveraging many of the skills they have learned throughout the year. They have been tasked with practicing sustainability without sacrifice to performance or experience. We talked about integrating life cycle thinking into the design of products and about practical ways to integrate performance metrics into ecodesign strategies. Founded in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design is one of the oldest and best-known colleges of art and design in the U.S.

February 2011
Your carbon footprint to the latest standards, for example the British PAS2050 or the GHG protocol
Getting a grip on the carbon footprint of your products opens an array of interesting questions but also answers. We help clients in defining the carbon footprint of their products. There are several methods out there in a very much emerging field. Two important standards are the GHG protocol from the World Resource Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the British standard PAS2050. We can help you with both and others. Feel free to ask us what will works best for you.

Download the GHG product standard (under review) here

Download the PAS 2050 standard here here


January 2011
Member of the PCR technical committee of the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment
If you want to report on the environmental performance of your product and you want to fulfill the ISO requirements for an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), then you need to establish or follow a Product Category Rule (PCR) document that includes the specifics of the LCA for your product category. We applaud the ACLCA goals of standardization and harmonization and therefore joined the ACLCA in providing guidance to the U.S. market on this very topic. We have an abundance of experience to share from our work in Europe and the developments under the Construction Products Directive (CPD).


October 2010
FHWA Contract Award to define sustainability for U.S. Infrastructure 2010-2014

As part of a consortium lead by APTech we have been awarded a contract from the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) to put sustainability of the map. With a focus on all pavement materials we will be tasked to deliver on the following topics:

● Establishment of a technical working group
● Development of guidelines for designing and constructing sustainable pavement systems.
● Evaluation of materials, processes, technologies, and tools to aid in evaluation, design, and construction of sustainable pavement systems.
● Technology transfer and deployment activities.

We are proud to be serving on a team that consists of a group of consultants and members from the following organizations:

Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
University of California Pavement Research Center (UCPRC)
University of Washington (UW)
Virginia Tech University (VTU) University of New Hampshire (UNH)
The Right Environment (TRE)
CH2M Hill

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) logo   


August 2010
Integration of Carbon fo
otprint into real estate portfolio management software
Integration of carbon footprint modeling into design and operational software for building and real estate portfolio management software is getting increasingly more interest. We are helping a company integrating carbon footprint considerations for material build up, operations, and people activities in buildings. The challenge is to be able to model and project real estate portfolio management in terms of financial planning combined with sustainability considerations through carbon footprint projections.


April 2010
GHG-performance of buildings: materials, installations and operations combined
When we combine GreenHouse Gas (GHG) performance of a construction with energy concepts, the full GHG-performance of buildings is known. We completed a study together with Nieman Consultancy for the Cement and Concrete Center to review two reference building in the Netherlands with 4 different construction types (ranging from concrete to wood) and 8 different energy strategies (from current conventional to a full spectrum of renewable energy installations) including materials, installation and building related energy use for a modeling period of 75 years mimicking a full life cycle. Conclusions vary with building styles and climate, but for two story residential buildings in a moderate climate the current material expense adds up to 25-30% of the total GHG, where operational GHG expenses comprise the rest. Also, for top-of-line energy saving installations do reduce the energy load, but also increase the GHG-performance of the material part. Improved scenarios show that in progressive energy scenarios the material part of the GHG-performance can add up to 45%. Our take away is that the GHG-performance of materials and installations will become more and more important when buildings are moving towards carbon neutrality from an operational energy perspective.



March 2010
LCA building model compliant with the IGCC v1.0
Life Cycle Assessment is more and more used as performance based compliance standards in sustainable manufacturing and construction. The latest standard that is open for public comment is from the International Green Construction Code that is sponsored by USGBC, Ashrea, IES, ASTM and the American Institute of Architects includes section 304 on whole building Life Cycle Assessment as a compliance path for section 503 for material selection. We have developed a building model that complies with the prescriptions.

ICCC standard PV1



February 2010
EcoTopia - Juried Exhibition
Nectar Design organizes an exhibition from
Friday, March 15, 2010 to Monday, April 15, 2010 called "EcoTopia". The goal of EcoTopia is to encourage the development of products that foster a healthy ecosystem and a sustainable society. Submissions should focus on one of the following areas: Transportation, Clothing/Footwear, Farming/Food, Household Appliances, and Shelter. Twenty entries will be chosen to appear in the show> Joep Meijer, our president, is one of the jurors for this contest.



February 2010
UT Sustainable Business Summit - Product Labeling and Marketing
The McCombs School of Business, part of the University of Texas organizes the UT Sustainable Business Summit on February 5, 2010. By bringing together diverse perspectives from the world’s most respected business and sustainability experts, the summit will offer an opportunity to discuss how the business community defines sustainability and how businesses can effectively implement and profit from sustainable business practices. With a greater understanding of what defines sustainability, you will move beyond “why sustainability,” and engage in discussions on “how” to leverage sustainability in the business world. We participate in the Sustainable Product Labeling and Marketing panel together with Werner Lang, Director of Center for Sustainable Development, UT School of Architecture; Nancy Mims, Founder, Mod Green Pod and Steve Roberts, Managing Director, Enviromedia Social Marketing.


January 2010
Partnership with Sustainable Earth Technologies, SET

SET is a creative group of people that help communities and businesses to create valuable building materials that are based on the principles of industrial ecology. Optimal use of local and refuse materials is key. The focus is to deliver materials that enhance the regions self-sufficiency in providing energy, water, food, housing and health to people. Our president serves on the board of SET. We wish SET the best and hope that their clients and the communities that will be served a bright future. A short introduction to the ideas and thinking of SET can be found in the video below from the CEO, Pliny Fisk,  part of an article titled 'mad scientist' from the series going green.


November 2009
Carbon Footprints of Buildings

More and more buyers, commissioning parties and designers want to include carbon footprint considerations into building design. We provide clients with LCA-based carbon footprint performance reporting for reference buildings, existing buildings and buildings that are being designed. Currently we are performing projects based on LCA standards on the building level that are being developed in Europe and adopted in the Netherlands. We moved from materials, products and elements to buildings over the last few years and are excited to take the next step in performance based sustainable design.


October 2009
Lecture at TU/Delft & BAM : Sustainability potential of Low Temperature Asphalt

Several contractors and binder suppliers are working on asphalt that can be produced at low temperatures. One of the Dutch representatives, BAM Roads, is co-hosting an international seminar on Low Temperature Asphalt on October 1, 2009 in co-operation with the Technical University of Delft. As of January 1, 2010 the national government will include sustainability criteria in all purchases. To measure the sustainability of proposed designs they have to be assessed using an Lifecycle Assessment (LCA-)based tool that we helped develop. BAM Roads has prepared itself by providing the Dutch DOT with a sustainability performance report based on national standards. In this lecture we will review the rise and standardization of environmental performance measurement and focus on hot mixed asphalt and low temperature asphalt applications.



September 2009
Video: AutoDesk's testdrive of Sustainable Minds web-based design software

Rob Cohee, Industry Solution Evangelist from Autodesk's Manufacturing Industry Group, has been entertaining the design and manufacturing industry for quite some time with his fun, informative, and sometimes irreverent video demos. Now he takes on green product design using Sustainable Minds LCA software. What's great about Rob's demo is that he shows off the usefulness and ease of use of Sustainable Minds. It's easy to learn and use, but most importantly, it provides meaningful and actionable results. Rob was very quickly able to model the environmental impacts of a wine bottle opener made from aluminum, and based on the results, explore alternative materials (plastic) and end of life methods to improve the environmental performance. Importing the BOM from Autodesk Inventor made the process even faster.

theRightenvironment is part of the Sustainable Minds partner network. We help deliver to you the best content quality of the product, present workshops and provide additional LCA related services. Check out the workshop calendar.



August 2009
MDOT Research project:
Sustainable Recycled Materials for Concrete Pavements in Michigan
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has successfully used a number of recycled and industrial byproduct materials (RIBMs) in the construction of portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements for many years. With Applied Pavements as the lead consultant, we jointly are going to be working on assessing the comparative benefits and costs of RIBMs and determine how these materials can be effectively used to increase the sustainability of concrete pavements in Michigan. We will look at all MDOT’s current specifications for, and actual use of, fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slags (GGBFS), crushed concrete aggregate (CCA), and air-cooled blast furnace slag (ACBFS) in the construction of concrete pavements. The next step will be to formulate an approach for quantifying economic and environmental costs and benefits over the entire life cycle for comparison of concrete pavements constructed using various recycled and industrial byproduct and traditional materials. We will apply the approach to evaluate a significant number of concrete pavements constructed with and without RIBMs using actual MDOT construction and performance data. A report will be delivered for use by MDOT to assist in improving policy and specification decisions. Based on our findings we will develop  an implementation plan that includes construction considerations for successful utilization of RIBMs in concrete pavements for the state of Michigan.


July 2009
Appointed to the USGBC Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group
We are
proud to announce that we have been appointed by the Management Steering Committee and the Executive Committee of the USGBC Board to serve on the cradle of part of the rating system. The Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group, or MR TAG, advises on credit interpretation requests and credit ruling appeals and it serves to assure consistency in the methods of assessment and stringency of standards across the LEED product range as it relates to credits for materials and resources. We hope we can contribute to the growth of USGBC with our commitment and background servicing the building industry.


June 2009
Sustainable Minds Partner Network ; Trainer workshop June 26, New York
Sustainable Minds wants to empower the design community with an internet-based LCA software tool based on the Okala™ Design Guide. We have been working together on a partnership and are extending our relationship. We will host our first SM Workshop in New York. It is great to work with 20-30 people that are interested in sustainability and intrigued by quantifying the performance using life cycle assessment techniques. We look forward to a growing relationship helping the design community design the products of tomorrow, sustainable ones.
website      workshop details     our partner network


May 2009
Green Purchasing Required from Jan 2010 for all government purchases

In several European countries money spent by government is increasingly screened for its impact on sustainability. The Dutch government is including sustainability criteria in all its purchases from January 1 2010. We have helped the Dutch DOT develop a tool to evaluate different project designs according to sustainability indicators, such as carbon footprint and the use of recycled material using a life cycle approach. We have helped many producers and suppliers prepare to meet the criteria.


April 2009
Sustainable Minds Workshop: "Mastering Environmental Impact Assessment in the Design Process" April 24, Cambridge, MA

Sustainable Minds is a green product design software and information company working to empower industrial designers to build sustainable products. April 24 kicks off a series of workshops for designers, engineers, manufacturers and educators who deal with sustainable design in order to teach them how to use the software in their day-to-day business. This workshop is also a chance for the future users of the software to test it out and give feedback. TheRightenvironment will be available during the workshop for questions and will present a case study.
workshop website


March 2009
UT Guest lecture
"Sustainability Performance Metrics, an integral part of the decision making process", Mar 24, Austin, TX
We are proud to be able to share our vision on integrating sustainability performance metrics with grad students of the Construction Engineering and Project Management program in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering department of the University of Texas. They are preparing to make design and construction decisions for decades to come and are part of the Metrics course provided by the Construction Industry Institute, CII.




March 2009
TACA Short Course
"Sustainability for Aggregates and Concrete, beyond LEED ", Mar 3, Austin TX
More and more contracts include sustainability stipulations. The Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association is hosting a short course on LEED opportunities for contractors and suppliers. The day will start with a perspective from an architect and a contractor. We will add to this by presenting what might lie beyond LEED. We will base our presentation on what is happening in Europe and how the industry is taking on board the next step - a quantitative framework for sustainable performance of products and works.
website        presentation


January 2009
"Creating More Sustainable Concrete Pavements" at the TRB, Jan 11, Washington DC
Thomas John Van Dam, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc will present during the workshop. The title of the presentation is "Life-Cycle Analysis: a Powerful Tool in Assessing Sustainability of Concrete Pavements". Tom will be presenting our common vision on the need for a clear language and quantitative framework based on life cycle assessment to help the industry paving the road to sustainable infrastructure. Results from a case study using local recycled aggregate will be presented.
website      presentation


December 2008
Speaker at Sustainable Brands International 2008, Dec 9-11, Miami Beach
Miami Beach turns into a place where change makers gather to share their latest learning and ideas about how to create new business value in today's rapidly changing landscape. SBi convenes a dynamic mix of big global brands and innovative start ups. Of product designers, sustainability thought leaders and brand communications experts. We were asked to speak about ways to bullet proof the sustainability branding and marketing message.
website      presentation


November 2008
How to answer market questions about your Sustainability?
Many of our clients get questions from commissioners about their environmental and sustainable performance. How do they go about it? How do you answer a question about your carbon footprint or the recycled content of the materials from your supplier? Where do you find FSC certified wood for your product and what will that do for your cost of production? How can you convince commissioners that you can take care of their requests and concerns? We can help you define what sustainability means for your business and baseline your performance. With actual numbers and insight in where the major drivers are you can start to see options for improvement that matter most. Every story is unique, so will be yours. We have helped governments and businesses for more than a decade. Ask us what we can do for you.

October 2008
Two-Lift concrete pavement in Kansas, what are the environmental benefits?
On October the 15th and 16th the concrete pavement technology center will organize an on-site seminar on a demonstration project for two-lift concrete pavement on I-70 near Salina. Together with the contractors and representatives from KsDOT we will look into the objectives for KsDOT, construction considerations, project test results and surface characteristics. In collaboration with the APTech, we are asked to perform a screening life cycle assessment (LCA) to showcase the environmental benefits. The idea is to present a framework that can do just that and to highlight the major drivers for the environmental benefits. We will compare a traditional pavement design with the applied two-lift pavement and a third variant where we tried to model an optimized two-lift pavement. Two-lift pavement consists of a high performance top layer and a second layer of concrete where the design criteria can be less strict. This means we can include more local and on-site recycled aggregates with less transportation.
website       presentation 


September 2008
Better protection of river levees with layers of locally sourced and mixed river sludge
Deltares is frontrunner in the development, distribution and application of knowledge for meeting the challenges in the physical planning, design and management of vulnerable deltas, coastal areas and river basins. Deltares stands for the right balance between consultancy and research at both the national and international levels. One of their projects is to find ways to use dredging sludge from rivers on site to reinforce the levees that protect the land next to the rivers from flooding. Two alternative mixes and designs have been tested on lab scale and Deltares is interested in the environmental performance compared to the existing alternatives. We will perform the work in co-operation with an expert panel that will consist out of Dutch civil engineers and governmental water management agencies and we will focus on the CO2-performance.


August 2008
2008 Summit Recycling Alliance of Texas, speaker on Sustainability & Recycling
18 August, the Woodlands
The Recyc
ling Alliance of Texas mission is to promote and enhance recycling and diversion activities in the State of Texas. Two of their main strategies to work within this mission is by fostering communication and the exchange of information regarding recycling among professionals, organizations, governmental entities, and individuals; and by acting as a clearinghouse of recycling resources. They organize an annual summit. theRightenvironment was asked to present during on of the educational tracks 'Sustainable Connections: Recycling and Sustainability' and my presentation will be titled "Environmental Performance Based on Life Cycle Assessment Approaches". Come out to the great environment that the Woodlands has to offer and enjoy examples from our experiences and hear about our vision.
website        brochure         presentation


July 2008
Panelist for the IDSA 'Digging Deeper' Conference, July 22nd San Francisco
Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) San Francisco Chapter is organizing an conference seeking to equip designers with the questions, methods and actionable tools for designing green. Experts on measuring the environmental, social and business impacts of design decisions will demonstrate appropriate research methods and strategies required for success and ensure a sustainable future. Emerging solutions will be documented in an online toolkit to enable broader knowledge sharing and the development of best practices for Sustainability in Design. Amongst sustainable design experts theRightenvironment is proud to announce that we will be serving on a panel where we will focus on 'how things can be added up in numbers' without trade-offs.
website                brochure           presentation


July 2008
Member of the CP Road Map Concrete Pavement Sustainability Track leadership committee
, industry and universities working on concrete pavement share joint research and technology transfer through the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center. This year a new Research and Technology Transfer Committee is founded by the Center and theRightenvironment was invited to become a member. The goal of the committee is to pave the road to guide research and technology transfer for sustainability for concrete pavement with a mid-term outlook of 5-10 year horizon. The objective is to identify sustainable characteristics to achieve more sustainable concrete pavements by meeting economic, environmental and societal needs and desires in design, construction, maintenance, restoration and recycling of concrete pavements.
website       committee site      pod cast


June 2008
LCA-Review for Alex Fraser Group, producer of coarse aggregate from rubble
Modern construction projects demand quality materials, reliable delivery and must demonstrate environmental leadership. To meet these demands construction companies in Australia use services from the Alex Fraser Group. Alex Fraser has dedicated its attention to the salvage, reuse and recycling of a broad range of material. The Centre for Design, part of the RMIT University, assists them in profiling the environmental performance of the concrete recycling facilities using life cycle assessment (LCA). TheRightenvironment has performed a peer-review according to ISO 14044 standards. The current market in Australia for construction and demolition waste is 50% landfill and 50% recycling. The LCA shows a clear environmental potential for producing aggregate from rubble related to an increase in recycling efforts.
Alex Fraser Group         RMIT, Centre for Design


May 2008
TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference 2008 - Green purchasing and the Product Impact Estimator tool
Mike Lindner of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TCEQ, will talk about green purchasing policies and tools that can help TCEQ and other organizations to engage in such an effort. We will focus on one specific tool, the Product Impact Estimator. theRightenvironment will join Mike for an hour session where we will highlight the basis for the estimator: input/output life cycle assessment. The conference will be at the Austin Convention Center, April 29-May 1. The program can be downloaded here. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday May1, 8:30-9:30 AM.
conference website


April 2008
Strategic Advice for Dutch Ministry of Housing on water resilient housing and float homes
The Netherlands is a river delta and has a dense population. Water challenges are getting more and more an opportunity to change the current building practice. We participated in an INTRON study for the SEV to draft a strategic advice to the Ministry of Housing to develop a recognized legal building framework where clarity between all stakeholders can propel the development of water resilient building practices. On April the 23rd the strategic advice was presented to Minister Jaqueline Cramer.  Two of the recommendations are to translate the current building decree into water related interpretations and guidelines and to found a knowledge center where experience can be gathered and disseminated.
strategic advice (in Dutch)     study (in Dutch)


March 2008
Review thesis 'Suburban Stormwater Management, an LCA-approach' University of Vermont
Barton Kirk, who now works for EcoSeeds in Traverse City, MI, graduated at the University of Vermont with a thesis on stormwater management. He evaluated different available systems for stormwater run-off water from a section of impervious pavement. We engaged in a peer review. Both the thesis and results can be downloaded.
He concluded that while stormwater treatment effluent quality is generally the most important in evaluating overall environmental performance, inclusion of direct and indirect impacts over the complete life-cycle was useful in distinguishing between stormwater systems with similar treatment performance. The review shows that the study has been performed with great care and commitment. It has the potential to grow into a more general assessment method for a selection of best management practices for stormwater management based on multi-criteria assessment where cost and environment are equally represented.


February 2008
Shell Bitumen's thorough approach on environmental benefits for WAM Foam
Shell Bitumen aims to be the worlds leading force in sustainable paving solutions. One aspect is the reduction or actually improvement of the environment. The Shell WAM Foam technology was developed to obtain paving with hot mixture quality but a reduced environmental footprint. Temperature of the asphalt production and laying using the Shell WAM Foam process is reduced by about 50°C. This renders less consumption of fuels, lowers emissions and improves the working conditions. The lower temperature is achieved by replacing conventional bitumen by two separate bitumen components in the mixing stage: a special soft bitumen and a hard grade in foam form. Such combination enables the product to be successfully mixed at lower temperatures. Shell Bitumen is mapping the environmental impacts of different types of bitumen and Shell WAM Foam applications using LCA-methodology to show the actual savings from a life cycle perspective.
Shell Bitumen WAM Foam website

January 2008
Dutch Concrete industry defines ambition to present the 'ConcreteDatabase 4.0'
The Dutch concrete industry organized in the ConcretePlatform (Betonplatform in Dutch) wants to supply users and interested parties with a LCA-based tool that will inform the market about the environmental performance of cement, aggregates, additives, concrete, mortar and prefab applications. The LCA-based tool can and should be used by everybody who wants to perform life cycle assessment based assertions. It will be offered to the Dutch DOT and other users of environmental decision making in design, construct and maintenance. All information will be based on primary data, will comply with national standards and will be peer reviewed. Currently the ambition level for the depth and width is being defined.

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Auditor for roofing materials August 2006

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