We believe in creating synergy through cooperation. We believe in long-term relationships. That is why we set up partnerships. It benefits you by increasing our capabilities.


Ecolect was founded in response to the growing need to easily source sustainable materials. The Ecolect website functions to connect designers with green suppliers, while featuring sustainable material attributes, user-based reviews, and case studies on successful sustainable design. The database catalogs materials for industries such as architecture, product design, fashion, graphic design, and many more. Ecolect provides strategic product design and material consulting services to companies that are willing to engage in a learning curve that leads to more sustainable products.



INTRON, the smart solution for building materials, is an independent organization providing services in the areas of quality assessment, quality improvement and quality prediction for products and processes in the construction sector. INTRON develops and consults, inspects and surveys, approves and certifies. Thanks to its high-quality knowledge and its own laboratories, INTRON provides the best possible result for its clients. INTRON has over 30 years of experience and more than 100 employees.


Sustainable Earth Technologies, Inc.

SET is a creative group of people that help communities and businesses to create valuable building materials that are based on the principles of industrial ecology. Optimal use of local and refuse materials is key. The focus is to deliver materials that enhance the regions self-sufficiency in providing energy, water, food, housing and health to people. Our president serves on the board of SET. We are proud to work with the renowned Pliny Fisk III and Ramon Carrasquillos.


Sustainable Minds

Sustainable Minds wants to empower the design community with web-based tools that enables designers to take sustainability performance of materials into account from the very first step in design. The software builds on the design principles and ecodesign strategies that have influenced the design community for over a decade. The mission of Sustainable Minds is to give design organizations the knowledge and tools it needs to create sustainable and innovative products from the beginning of the design process. Clients include manufacturers, universities and design firms


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