Environmental product declaration (EPD)

How can I show my environmental performance?

An EPD is an objective statement about the environmental performance of your product. The core of an EPD is a so-called environmental profile. It shows the performance on indicators such as global warming, depletion of resources and acidification. It reflects your efforts making your product more sustainable.

It can be used for communication. With an environmental product declaration you can show the world the environmental performance of your products. You can brand your product for green procurement. You can use the EPD for communication with your clients, architects, governments and other stakeholders. It shows your awareness that environmental concerns are off strategic importance for your business.

It is based on the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. We gather information about your use of materials and energy and your production of products, emissions and waste. The LCA methodology is based on the ISO 14040-series and the ISO 14025 definition of a type III product label according ISO 14025.

You supply us with information about your product and we perform the LCA and draft your environmental profile. Doing so gives us the information to tell you a more about our findings. With every EPD you receive a summary of the most important contributing processes and/or substances so you know where to start if you decide to improve your profile and direct innovations.


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