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We included different sections in this library for you we have leaflets, presentations, publications and video's for you to watch.



Life Cycle Assessment - a tool for holistic environmental profiling
Who wants to get traded-off?
LCA 101


  Low Temperature Asphalt and Sustainability, TU Delft/BAM
TACA Short Course, A perspective beyond LEED 
  TRB 2009, LCA to assess the Sustainability of Concrete pavements
  SBI Sustainable Brands 2008, Bullet proofing a Sustainability Brand
  CPTechCenter Environmental benefits of two-lift concrete pavement
  Texas Recycling Summit, Environmental Performance of Recycling
 • IDSA Digging Deeper Conference , Sustainable Industrial Design (slides)
  TCEQ Environmental trade and fair 2008, the Purchasing Impact Estimator tool, an evaluation
  UT Austin Colloquium - Life Cycle Thinking in Sustainable Design
  Seminar Green Building Program Austin - the power of Life Cycle Assessment
 • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment


  ISCP08 paper 'Pavement Design, a life cycle Decision Support Model'
 • Carreteras, August 09, Modelo de apoyo a las  decisiones para firmes basados en el coste total durante la vida utíl, la evaluación del ciclo de vida y el análisis multicirterio


  Pliny Fisk III, CEO of Sustainable Earth Technologies about green building materials


  Testdrive of SustianableMinds.com web-based design software


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