Sustainability scan

How sustainable is my business?

How sustainable do you think your business is? To answer this question we need to relate to the health of your business and your approach towards:


We define sustainable for these fields in the following way:

you are doing a good job today
you want to improve tomorrow and
you want to have a good future too

We can measure this by looking at:

the compliance with conditions
your performance
the responsibility you take on

We can help you to identify, control and outperform the challenges in all these fields.

Our services follow the three phases of:

creating awareness
taking responsibility
outperforming your goals

How does it work?
This process can start by filling out a simple questionnaire telling us were you think you are. Filling out questionnaire is the start of a one-day-session with us. You are either satisfied with the result or not. If you are not satisfied you have to pay us and we will say goodbye. If you are satisfied you will get reimbursed for your first commission afterwards

The result will be a rated score on all fields telling you where your major attention points need to be. With the result you can prioritize what you are going to do tomorrow to become more and more sustainable. An example of the result is depicted below. The company in the example decided to start at the performance in the social field.

Get started
Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment for you, or simply start today by filling out the questionnaire. Click here to start your scan.


Example for a fictitious company


* Please be aware that travel expenses always apply.


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