Reference letter

By Gert van der Wegen, CEO of INTRON B.V.


July 3, 2006

Letter of recommendation

Dear reader,

Joep Meijer started his work at INTRON in February 1997 as a Junior Project Engineer, specializing in Environmental Studies based on Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), in our Consultancy Department.
From the start it was clear to our management that Joep showed great promise. In the short span of two years he became a consultant and after another four years, a senior consultant.
This extraordinarily fast development in his career was due to his outstanding ability of communicating with and motivating  clients as well as colleagues, in addition to his expert knowledge in his field of work. Since the year 2002 he has been our leading expert for consultancy on LCA and related activities.

Joep has contributed a lot to the development of our organization. As chairman of the INTRON Employee Board, as well as an engaged colleague with an eye for important day-to-day and strategic matters he contributed greatly to the reorganization of a business unit within INTRON.

Joep thinks in solutions, is able to motivate people and can adapt easily to changing circumstances. Therefore we invested in the development of his management skills, which are very promising.
His choice to emigrate to the USA is a loss for INTRON and an opportunity for him to explore his possibilities.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. G. van der Wegen

General Director

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